Being a Senior is an exciting time  780-460-9600

But it’s also a confusing one.When you’re a senior, you have enough to worry about…… getting good grades,where to go to college, girlfriends, boyfriends, cars ~ the list never ends.But when it comes time for your senior photographs, just leave the details to us.

We know exactly what your school yearbook requirements are, so when you are ready for your senior portraits, the only thing you have to worry about is… looking great!

How do you picture yourself ?

The outdoors type, the athletic type, the musical type, the glamorous type?
Whether you’re a natural in front of a camera, or even if you’re a bit shy, we will help you put together a senior portrait that shows the real you in a way that reflects your hopes and dreams.
Picture yourself in our studio for a senior portrait that’s Just Your Style.
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helpful hints!

What are the Top 10 Ways To Look Your Best in your Senior Portraits?

  • 10 – The right clothing!
  • 9   –  Good hair!
  • 8   –  Glasses?Braces? No Problem!
  • 7   –  GIRLS – Make-up that works!
  • 6   –  GUYS – A close shave!
  • 5   –  Don’t get burned! – avoid over-exposure from the sun or tanning beds
  • 4   –  Keep jewelry to a minimum!- glare from large or flat jewelry can be a distraction and costly to fix
  • 3   – Get plenty of rest before your session! – if you’re tired, it will show
  • 2   – Relax and enjoy your senior portrait session! – you’ve earned it and the
  • 1   –  way to get your BEST Senior Portraits is . . .

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